Buchach – the pearl of Galicia

Hi there! So today I’d like to tell you about little town Buchach, that is situated on the banks of the Strypa River in Ternopil region, Ukraine. It has a long and glorious history. That’s why there are a lot of sightseeing places, that are interesting for tourists.
In the town center, you can see a town hall. It was built in 1750 and the architect was Bernard Meretyn. There no analogies in the world. Unfortunately,  today the town hall is closed for visitors.
Near the town hall, you can find the old cathedral of Virgin Maria. It was built during the reign of polish invaders. Inside the cathedral, you can see the works of famous german sculptor Johann Georg Pinsel. Besides, there was a church organ in the cathedral, but now it is replaced with a synthesizer. The best time for visiting this place is Polish Christmas, then you can enjoy Christmas carols and nice music played by different local bands.
After visiting the cathedral, don’t lose your chance to see old castle ruins. You can find them at the top of the hill, near the cathedral. Actually, there is nothing interesting, except the right side of the castle, there you can observe the whole town.
It’s a good idea to visit Buchach gymnasia named after famous Ukrainian scientist Volodymyr Hnatiuk. This school is one of the best schools in Ukraine. The cleverest young people study here. Also, it’s a convenient place for making some photographs.
Don’t forget to visit the Monastery of the Basilian Fathers. Now, it’s college, where future priest and monks study different religion subjects.

What about people, they are very friendly and have a good sense of humor. Many of them know English, so you can easily communicate with them. You can stay in the hotel “Buchach”, rooms there are clean and prices aren’t very expensive. Also, don’t forget to visit some cafes to try some Ukrainian national dishes.

If you like visiting different small towns with interesting history, you have to visit Buchach! You won’t regret!


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